Volunteer Opportunities

An Active Community
Within Western Assemblies Home there is an active resident community. Numerous opportunities exist for residents and outside volunteers to serve that promote independence, dignity, and meaningful relationships with people of all ages both inside and outside WAH.

Usually, outside volunteers share their time, skill, training, interests, wisdom and financial resources to benefit residents and others, whether by passing out ice water in health care or serving as a Reading Buddy or leading or accompanying music "sings." Sharing makes a difference!

Become a Volunteer
Opportunities exist to invest your time and interests in enhancing the lives of older adults. Here are some examples:

Our Workday, November 19, 2011
We had a very good turnout for our work day. We had 20 volunteers who came ready and willing to work. We were able to accomplish much needed trimming and cutting of fauna around the main building. Several also contributed to preparing a house for new residents who will be moving in at the end of November.

We very much appreciate the faithfulness of our volunteers as for many this was not the first or even their second work day. The residents were grateful since the volunteers not only worked but spent quality time encouraging and visiting with our residents.

Please contact Lynn Hughes, Administrator
Email: lynnhughes@westernassemblieshome.org