The History of the Home

The Western Assemblies Home provides care to all brothers and sisters who fellowship, or have fellowshiped, in a Plymouth Brethren Chapel or Gospel Hall at some period in their life. We have a small, but close-knit group of Christians living in the Home.

The Home was incorporated in July, 1942. Originally the Home was located in Pasadena in a large private residence. There were a number of challenges in that location — the biggest one being difficulty with stairs.

George Short, probably more than anyone by his encouragement and generous gift of property, made it possible to locate and build a one-story facility in Claremont. In May 26, 1951 the Home was dedicated. Since the doors opened we have had over 350 residents past and current.

The Lord has graciously provide for the needs of all the residents. The policy of the original Board of Directors was that no one would be turned away due to financial needs. Through the years this policy has not changed. The Lord’s provision for the work has been evident. Since its inception the Western Assemblies Home has never lacked God’s full provision for his people.

The Home in the early 1950’s

The Western Assemblies Home today