Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I come into the Home, would I have to give WAH all my money?
Answer: The answer is an emphatic NO. We do NOT require you to buy into the Home. You keep all your assets. There is a one-time entrance fee of $1,700.00 for an individual and $3,000.00 for a couple. This fee is to cover all the paperwork needed to process the application. We do require all new residents to fill out an application listing assets and income. This is CONFIDENTIAL information and will not be shared with anyone except the Administrator. This is needed to help us arrive at an equitable fee schedule for the new resident.

Question: I'm not sure that I can afford to live at the Home. How much does it cost?
Answer: Our response is. "You cannot afford NOT to live in the Home." The monthly costs are the lowest of any home in the area. We have single rooms available, in the main building, for as low as $1,900.00 a month. Larger rooms and suites are available at increased cost. We have 11 houses on adjacent streets. Some of the real advantages to living in the Home are medical transportation provided, 24-hour caregiver assistance, medication supervision, and social activities are provided. You don't have to pay house or homeowners insurance, no real estate taxes, no utility payments, no food bill, no doing laundry, and no cleaning. Residents pay for their own telephone service, cable TV (if desired) and medical costs. One of the best parts, of living in the Home, is the fellowship with other Christians.

Question: What if I do not have sufficient money for the Entrance Fee and the Monthly Fee?
Answer: We would urge you to contact the Administrator. The Home was established as a ministry for the care of Assembly Christians of all financial means. Therefore, our policy is not to turn anyone away for financial reasons. The entrance fee can be arranged to be paid over a period of time.

Question: I have heard that if I move into the Home and become ill, I would have to move out. Is this true?
Answer: This question cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no". I am glad you asked, however, as it is good to clear up misunderstanding. If you have read our brochures you may have noted that the Home is referred to by such terms as retirement home or assisted living, but not as a convalescent or skilled nursing facility. Applications include a Physician's Report to establish that the applicant is not in need of special medical care. Plus the Administrator will meet with the applicant. California is a state with specific and stringent regulations governing the existence of all kinds of institutions. Many of these rules have been changed since the Home began in 1942, and many have drastically affected the way the Home can operate. We once had a license as a "Skilled Nursing Facility" until additional mandates requiring more fees, specialized personnel, programs, and training made such a license financially impossible for our relatively small facility. To have met all the directives would have added close to half a million dollars to the cost of operation each year. Because of all these new directives we are now licensed as a "Residential Care Facility for the Elderly" (RCFE), with an infirmary as a "Personal Care Wing". Some of the health services we are allowed to extend to residents in the Home are: Assistance with personal needs )bathing, bathroom, dressing, etc), Weekly blood pressure checks, Assistance in the administration of medications, Transportation, when needed, for visits to doctors, dentist, etc. 24-hour availability of a caregiver; speaker in each room connects directly to the caregiver station. Special diet, if needed, and Oxygen, with a doctors note.

Question: All that is interesting background. But what happens if I become sick?
Answer: Usually the residents contact the Caregiver. If more help is indicated the resident is taken to the doctor's office or hospital for treatment. Generally the resident continues in his or her own room. But sometimes, more care is needed and the sick person may be moved into the infirmary for a short time. If the sickness is more serious, the doctor will be called and an appointment is made, or when necessary, the paramedics may be summoned. There is fine hospital about 4 miles away, in Pomona. Residents from the Home are readily admitted there. Often, following a hospital stay, a resident is able to return directly back to the Home. But, if care in a "skilled nursing facility" is required, the Administrator will help with those arrangements and will keep in touch so that the resident can get back "Home" as soon as government regulations will allow. The Home will be able to care for a resident in the infirmary if the resident is able to transfer from his/her bed to a walker or wheelchair without any assistance. The resident may not have attached medical aids, such as intravenous feeding, IV's or a respirator, or be bedridden.

Question: Can I keep my pets?
Answer: A policy has been established of not allowing pets in the main building or individual houses.

Question: Can I keep my car?
Answer: The answer is a resounding YES. We have facilities to park on the grounds. As long as you have the ability to drive, you may keep your car. We do not want you to lose your independence.

Question: Can I bring my own furniture?
Answer: Yes, you may. It is up to you to make that choice. The Home has some extra furniture that you can use. However, if you choose to use your own, that is fine.

Question: Can I have family and others visit me?
Answer: Yes. The Home has some extra rooms for individuals to stay for a few nights. We also have an upstairs apartment with a king-sized bed. There is a sitting room, private bath, and kitchen facilities as well. This is a popular place, so it is best to call ahead to make a reservation with the Administrator, as soon as possible. We strongly encourage visitors and relatives to keep in touch with their loved ones. Meals with relatives can also be arranged.

Question: We would like to live close enough to WAH to use the services, and are interested in buying our own home. Who can give us information? Is this possible?
Answer: The WAH cottages are not for sale. However, please call the Executive Director. He can tell you what other neighborhood real estate is available.